"The CareerTools website has been a game changer in my role. It has allowed me to streamline my processes significantly and saves me so much time and effort which allows me to focus on other areas of my job. It is an incredible resource for our students and parents that allows them to access information how and when it is relevant to them. I can't recommend it more highly!" – Annika Williams - Northern Beaches Secondary College, Balgowlah Boys Campus

"Thanks Kim - I logged in yesterday to have a quick look at the website, it looks great! I nearly cried with joy when I found everything I need in the one spot. How have I managed all these years?" – Maria Hart - Cobram Secondary College

"Just a note of congratulations to your team. I showcased the website today at a senior staff meeting and everyone was cheering and praising what a great tool and resource the website will be for our students." – Deb Freeman - Corpus Christi Catholic High School

"Your site has changed my life. I love it! I feel so much better at my job now that I can track my student interviews and specific research for them in an efficient way. Thank you so much!" – Tatiana Bye - Newman Senior Technical College

"Absolutely amazing! Talk about the more you look the more you find.....it's not too much to say this will revolutionise how we deliver careers information in the future." – Andrew Wallace - Ballarat High School

"This is brilliant!! Thank you so much for this. You honestly don't know how much easier you've just made my life!" – Tanya Robertson - Tarneit Senior College

"I find the Careers Tools website to be a wonderful asset to our school's Careers program. There is absolutely no doubt that the evolving technologies will continue to play an increasing role in ensuring relevance, quality and speed of service to our students. As someone who is not confident with the use of technology, Careers Tools has made it possible for our school to look like we are at the cutting edge. The Careers Tools staff are outstanding and are always ready to provide support. They approach their relationship with our school more like a partnership than as if you were just another customer, and they are quick to respond to requests to have content or new ideas included. I cannot recommend Career Tools more highly." – Simon King - Illawarra Sports High School

"Career Tools is an amazing website! It has everything the Careers Practitioner needs at their fingertips. Easy to navigate for parents, students and teachers. It is a comprehensive and valuable tool!!! Affordable and great value for money. Support from the Career Tools Team (Kim Redmond) is excellent." – Kathy Karlovic Pathways and Transitions Leader, and Pina Siragusano CAPs Coordinator - Wyndham Central College

"A fantastic tool to help get careers news, events and information to students and parents. Easy to use even for not so tech savvy people. Wonderful people to assist if you need help. Brilliant!" – Sheree Cayirylys - Moree Secondary College

"I was introduced to this website a few years ago at our career network meeting. I love this site - its like having an extra staff member - its comprehensive, its intuitive, its easy to use. It can be as much or as little as you want it - my recommendation is make the most of it." – Derry Caulfield - Dromana College

"As a new Careers Adviser, this website has helped me enormously as it is updated constantly. The support from Career Tools is so helpful and timely. Nothing is too much trouble and very good on communication if things are not working/disrupted. Support workshops are invaluable. This helped me survive my 1st year so I am very thankful." – Naomi Gill - Trinity Catholic College, Goulburn

"kempseycareers.com along with Career Tools has become the hub for career planning at Kempsey High. It provides the essential tools for career guidance and counselling that has been beneficial to students and staff as well as a powerful tool in parent/student transition interviews." – Mark Rix - Kempsey High School

"An excellent site that provides a comprehensive resource readily accessible to students, parents and the program at school is also further informed and better able to support the career pathways." – Ian Watchirs - Smiths Hill High School

"I used Career tools in a different way recently: student registered activities of ; interests, skills, values, career plan, job investigations etc were done last year with Year 10. This was done to help prepare them for subject selections in Yr 11. It was the first time I have used the website in this way. The self directed results from students was unexpectedly amazing! up to 13 pages of self directed activities from the website in their own time over the holiday break and ready for their Careers interview with ownership and participation in the dialogue at a much more informed level. Will replicate this year and follow up with Year 11." – Jennifer Hodson - Edmund Rice College

"I have used my school careers website for over a decade and wouldn't be without it. It's a one stop shop - everything careers for students, parents, school community and myself. Can't be a Careers Adviser without it!!!! My No. 1 resource for teaching Year 10 Careers and 11/12 Work Studies. Also use it for lessons with students Year 5-9. Excellent value for money, one subscription I won't be giving up no matter how tight the budget might get!" – Linda Drenkhahn - Bulahdelah Central School

"An easy to administer and effective careers tool. If I have a question, I only need to 'book a call' with Kim or send an email for a quick response. The support has been excellent." – Kay Woodhams - Normanhurst Boys High School

"The Career Tools website is an amazingly easy to use and incredibly informative tool designed to ease the massive communication load of career practitioners in schools. I had been searching for a way to better communicate vital and useful information to students, parents, staff and the community and was lucky enough to discover Career Tools. The website is professional, impressive and totally up to date and relevant to the needs of Victorian Secondary Schools. I could never go back now that I have this resource at my fingertips, and most importantly so many of our kids and parents have commented on its ease of use and its usefulness for pathway planning and career search options." – Jodie Waller - Bacchus Marsh Secondary College

"I have been using the Career Tools website for the first time this year 2012 and have found it to be a fantastic tool for both myself and the students. It has freed time up to do all the things that are inevitably short changed at the end of the day. Both parents and the students have found it easy to navigate and get all the information they need at one site. Also it has made the delivering of information quick, easy and most importantly very efficient. It has definitely made my job easier and has I believe been a catalyst for some rewarding outcomes for students." – Paul Smith - St Pauls High School, Booragul

"You are doing an amazing job. Love the site and love the fact that issues are promptly responded to or actioned. Have recommended the site to many others." – Jennie Lubbe - Kings College

"Our Grace Careers website has been such a success and is used by teachers, students and parents. All of our Year 10 students recently used the Resume Builder tool to prepare for their Mock Interviews. Teachers found this made it so easy for the students to get started on their resumes and cover letters and then to customise these for the particular jobs. Resumes can now easily be uploaded for Apprenticeship/traineeship applications by our VET Department. The Year 9 students used the Career Tools resources to begin to explore their initial career choices and this was also very successful. A fantastic resource!" – Sharyn O'Connor - Grace Lutheran College

"I am new to careertools. It's very reassuring to have such friendly assistance and timely responses from Kim." – Penny Morrison - Georges River College (Oatley)

"My new website has engaged our entire school community into career education which includes parental involvement in such an important part of their students' education. It is easy to use, and of course easy to find on the web. My students have responded positively and a large numberengage through the Facebook link. This aspect gives me quick response to messages sent which has made part of my job easier." – David Turner - James Fallon High School

"We are new to the Career Tools network, but I have nothing but praise for the team at Career Tools for their professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction. The site itself is both informative and user friendly which makes a great difference to our students who have already reaped the benefits of such a resource." – Michael Kelly - MacKillop College

"Career Tools has taken management of my Careers Program to a whole new level. It is truly revolutionary." – Trish Papalkar - Leeton High School

"Career Tools has added a whole new dimension to the Careers Program at Murray HS and it still has enormous potential for future development. I love it." – Greg Smith - Murray High School

"I would recommend Career Tools to every Careers Adviser. The website that is created is full of the most useful and up to date information that is available to students of all ages." – Matthew Godsell - Callaghan College (Wallsend)

"Career Tools has made it easy to stay up to date and relevant in the careers education space. The site allows ease of access for all teachers within the College to access and use with their classes and be confident that the site content is completely relevant." – Trent Loader - Ballarat Christian College

"Camden Haven High School has been using Career Tools since 2010 and found it a great communication and labour saving resource. Having an attractive dedicated 'Careers' website gives the faculty a professional look. Students respond by increasing the level of responsibility for their pathway planning, including subject selection. It is a resource that is evolving all the time and the feed back I have given has often been incorporated into that process. The lesson bank is great if you need time off at short notice - hard copy or online the covering casual will easily cover your classes." – Tony Dickenson - Camden Haven High School

"The Career Tools webpage has something for everyone. It is a one stop shop for Career Assistance. It provides tools for teachers to use in classes as well as to assist students in one-on-one interviews. The service is as good as the product and the team are willing to employ suggestions on their page. There are face-to-face seminars and prompt helpdesk support. I am more than happy to recommend Career Tools to my colleagues." – Greg Baird - The Ponds High School

"Information always up to date. Very easy for students to navigate. Lessons relevant and games are fun. Very handy having the 'add interview' section - helps to keep a record." – Colleen Bianchi - Marist College Eastwood

"There is a lot of fantastic information for students and I generally use it when giving Career Advice." – Phill Dembowski - Ignatius Park College

"An excellent pathways program, that enables students to have quick access to VTAC, scholarships, etc. Can't speak more highly of it. Every resource at your fingertips and also your students." – Beth Crossman - St Joseph's College

"Since commencing using Career Tools website it has saved us a great deal of time and money having all our career resources in one place where we can direct students and parents. Being able to monitor students career progress through the Student Secure Area/Teacher Admin area is fantastic. Highly recommend to other schools." – Christine Blazek - Bright P-12 College

"I use it a lot, to deliver introductory information at Year 9 level. They do the interest test. I keep student interview records and email them a copy of my notes afterwards. Its a great resource and well worth the money spent for a small school that can't afford more. Love the new format too." – Gayle Shelley - Healesville High School

"Very usefully tool. It did not happen overnight but it is now seen as at the go to for careers information for our school. Having a prominent link from the school home page was the key to raising the profile of the site to the school community." – Libby Le Rossignol - Elisabeth Murdoch College

"Career Tools is the best supportive resource I have used in many years. Parents, staff and students gain so much from the knowledge and resources that are available. The content is current and high quality. Support services are very quick and warmly presented. An extremely high quality valuable and praiseworthy product." – Jennifer Hodson - Edmund Rice College

"I have used this for many years in a variety of schools and settings. Plan to use it for my own business. The variety of uses is fantastic and is only limited by the imagination and creativity of the user." – John Horley - UTrain Group Training Company

"Our school is a small K-12 independent school, and my role is necessarily only part-time, which means students seeking Careers Counselling or advice frequently have to wait until a day when I am at school, even for simple answers. The new website created especially for us by Kim Redmond and the Career Tools organisation will be a wonderful advantage for our students, being always accessible and covering most routine questions, giving up-to-date, relevant information in a form they find most acceptable. We are able to edit and modify the website to suit our needs as they change throughout the year and over time. Kim's support is invaluable, prompt and responsive. She is always positive, friendly and helpful. We have been able to link our website reciprocally to the School's website, and we intend to use the “Destination Survey” information to help start an alumni association. The website itself has raised the profile of Careers throughout the School, and its use by students will develop during 2013 and I expect that it will prove to be a great support and lead to mutual role reinforcement. We are very grateful for this valuable tool." – Donna Lance - Heritage Christian School