Frequently Asked Questions

What is Career Tools?

The short answer is "many things". Career Tools provides you with a number of tools that assist you with the delivery of your Careers program in communicating effectively with students and parents and also with student management.

There are two parts to the Career Tools system:

1. Your Careers website - we build you a customised Careers website, specifically for your school. We brand it for your school and it runs on your own domain name. All site content is maintained and updated for you. Click here to see one of these.

2. The "backend" tools - these are a series of tools aimed at helping you communicate effectively with your students and parents. These are also designed to save you time. There are also tools to assist you with student management - recording  details of student interviews and so on - all very necessary in today's era of accountability. The videos on the front of the site give an overview of these - or, if you contact us we are more than happy to demonstrate them for you.

Do I need any website or technical knowledge?

No, none whatsoever. The Career Tools system has been designed so that anyone can use it. It's pretty much as simple as, if you can type information into a word processor then you can use all the tools easily.

Do I need to set anything up?

No, we do all this for you. We set up your website, we host and maintain it for you and we set up your Career Tools account for you.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is all inclusive and you get:

* Your own school Careers website that is 100% maintained and updated by us
* Access to all the communication tools that we provide for you
* Access to all the newsletters, lessons and other resources that we have developed
* All updates and upgrades for life
* Full customer support (with a REAL PERSON)

The annual prices are:

$420 (inc. GST) up to 1500 students within the school/campus
$460 (inc. GST) for over 1500 students within the school/campus

For Multi/Merging Campuses please contact us for pricing.

For a complete list and demonstration of all the tools, resources and aspects of the system, please look at our Demonstration Videos (link is on the main page).

How can it possibly be so inexpensive?

We are constantly being asked this by schools. The reality is that schools across the spectrum have vastly different budgets. We are aware that some schools have quite large careers program budgets, but there are many who only have small budgets and for them, any major purchase can be a stretch. We have tried to price the Career Tools system so it is affordable and accessible to as many schools as possible.

Does this price mean that you cut corners on quality and features?

Never! It is our mission to deliver you an outstanding quality product/service and one that we are constantly improving and upgrading based on people's feedback. We have worked incredibly hard to build a system that enables us to deliver a quality product with outstanding support at a very reasonable cost (and is sustainable in the long term).

Are there any extra costs?

Everything is included in the price except for one thing:

SMS Costs: There is no charge to set you up on our customised SMS system, but there is an extra cost for the actual messages. These cost 7.9 cents each. This is exactly what it costs us - we make no extra money from this.

How do I access it?

We create a secure account for you and provide you with the login details. You can add additional users as well and you set which tools these users have access to.

What About Privacy?

We take the issue of privacy very seriously.

Career Tools does not collect personal information on teachers and the only information collected on students is the information supplied by students for the purposes of creating a Resume, Cover Letter or Careers and Transition/Pathways Plan.

Career Tools will only contact a teacher to provide them with their login information or when they request technical support or assistance. Career Tools will never contact a student under any circumstances.

Any information provided by teachers or students will only be used for the purposes outlined above and will NEVER be shared with any 3rd Parties.

We do not take on advertisers or advertising and students, teachers, parents and any other people who use our websites will not be advertised to, sold to or otherwise promoted to.

Is all information secure with Career Tools?

Most definitely - yes. In addition to our privacy provisions outlined above, all data is fully encrypted with 256 bit (bank grade) encryption. As part of our security processes, all data is backed up twice daily to 2 different secure backup servers and we engage a separate company to run weekly security scans to ensure the safety and integrity of all data.

All sites, data and information are stored on Australian servers (in a secure data centre) and no data is ever stored outside Australia or leaves Australia.

Can I get help if I need it?

Yes, we are always available to assist you if you need help or with advice on how to make use of your Careers site and Career Tools.