With your careers website design you can either:

1. Select a Preset Design:

You have the choice of 3 different templates, and within each template you have the choice of a range of basic colour schemes. You can choose which design/colour you want by clicking the "View Pre-set Designs" button, looking at the list and then selecting that template number in the "Template/Design Number" drop down selector of the setup form.


2. Create Your Own Design:

With our "Modern" template, you can choose various features to create your own design. You can choose your own background image, widget style and template colour. Click on the "Create Your Own Design" button to view the options and then enter these details in the "For Modern (M8) Template option only:" section of the setup form.




 Please note:  You can change the Video and widgets (3 sections under the video) anytime we have just
                       selected random widgets for the demonstration screenshots.